Get Back in the Game with Kneehab

■  Clinically Proven to Regain Muscle Strength 2x Earlier1
          Kneehab patients regained lost quadriceps strength due
          to surgery and surpassed knee extension strength of their
          uninjured leg within 12 weeks after surgery.

■  Clinically Proven to Improve Knee Stability1
          “Wake-up” and re-educate muscles on how and when to contract, helping
          strengthen and improve knee stability after surgery

A new, easy-to-use approach to patient rehabilitation.

■ Comfortable, easy-to-use conductive garment10

 Rechargeable controller includes multiple preset programs

 Integrated gel pads eliminate the need for lead wires and the guesswork of electrode placement

■ Large gel pads provide better muscle coverage and improve patient comfort8


How can Kneehab XP help?

Have you suffered a knee injury?

Are you scheduled to have surgery on your knee?

Do you struggle walking up stairs?

Is your injured leg weaker to push off of?


Kneehab XP is designed to “wake-up” and re-educate

muscles on how and when to contract, helping

strengthen and improve knee stability after surgery.9


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Neurotech has been carefully monitoring the evolving situation with COVID-19.

We are keeping the safety and wellbeing of our partners, employees and patients front-of-mind. Patients are leaving their homes less, either as the result of self-quarantine, or to prevent potential exposure.

We believe home-based therapies such as Kneehab XP provide substantial benefits to patients who may not feel comfortable attending their routine physical therapy appointments.

Kneehab XP allows you to continue strengthening your quadriceps muscles in your own home and enables you to stay on the path to recovery. This in turn may help to improve the outcome of your surgery. Neurotech is able to provide remote dispensing and fitting services for any patient or provider that requests it.

Please reach out to us if you believe Kneehab may help you with your recovery.